Music Composition & Production

Composition & Arrangement

The First cycle is an introductory level, which teaches how to compose and analyze blues, standards, composition forms and various aspects of jazz and blues compositions. The focus is put more on the writing abilities of the students to help them write down the musical ideas that they conceive. The cycle starts with writing of lead sheets and ends with writing of a score for a quintet. 

In the second and third cycle, we advance towards different and more crucial 
 1. Compositional and arrangement techniques like 
 2. Effective application of contrapuntal lines
 3. Vertical & Horizontal Harmony
 4. Studying and analyzing of the compositional idioms of different composers
 5. Different approaches and drop voicing(s) in 4-part harmony    The advanced levels also deal with writing for various types of ensembles. The cycles 3 and 4 level students would be required to present a complete project of 4 compositions with their own arrangement of quintet which they could opt for being recorded into an album by professional musicians.  

For the recording of this project students would pay a nominal fee for the studio and the artists and the school shall arrange it for them. **  

Total Duration: 

Cycle 1: Initiation of Composition & Arrangement (36 sessions)

Cycle 2: Composition Level 1 (36 sessions)

Cycle 3: Arrangement Level 1 (36 sessions)

Cycle 4: Professional Formation Level (36 sessions)

Music Production

Jazz Piano course discusses playing jazz and pop standards in the solo piano style. The study encompasses the piano voicing(s) and positions, bass lines and combinations of different voicing(s). 
 As the lesson advances through the years, improvising techniques, soloing over structures, different styles of playing and harmonizing will be studied. 
 In the higher level studies, a lot of focus is also put on the incorporation of harmonic concepts studies in the Jazz Harmony courses into the jazz standards as well as transcriptions and analysis of the different versions. A lot of focus is also put on the analysis of  music written by various composers, which helps the students to create their compositions own jazz using the concepts pre-established since decades.

Total Duration: 

Cycle 1: 36 sessions

Cycle 2: 36 sessions 

Cycle 3: 36 sessions

Cycle 4: 36 sessions 

Cycle 5: 36 sessions

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