Western Classical Courses

Instrument Playing

The repertoire is the backbone of any musician and we play, analyze and interpret as much possible from the repertoire ranging from classical, baroque, romantic and modern music.  At all levels there is an enormous amount of repertoire available and it is suitably selected depending on the students’ capabilities, styles and interests. The repertoire will be selected based on the student’s interests, ability, technical facility, speed of learning and progress, etc. The teachers strive always to make the repertoire as much interesting and knowledge giving to the students as possible at all levels. 

The students willing to appear for any music examinations may also play the repertoire demanded by the respective syllabi. Please ask your teacher for further details on the music examinations. 

Total Duration: 

No. of Cycles: Variable


Theory of Music

The theory deals with learning and understanding how to write what you compose, hear and want to play. The course includes but is not limited to the topics covered in the music exam syllabi. The course initiates by discussing the fundamentals like drawing the clefs, writing scales, chord study and harmonic concepts to more advanced topics like writing arrangements, 4 part voicing, special chords, analysis of the score, etc. 

The theoretical studies of classical and popular music are carefully mixed to provide all-round understanding of concepts.   Transposition, modulations, chord analysis, popular music and classical music history form some of the most fundamental structure of this course. 

In order to provide the student with a highest possible quality of theory formation, we introduce and cover concepts from the syllabi of various examination boards as well as materials created by our in-house teachers and international collaborators.

Total Duration: 

Cycle 1: 36 sessions

Cycle 2: 36 sessions 

Cycle 3: 36 sessions

Cycle 4: 36 sessions 

Cycle 5: 36 sessions

Cycle 6: 36 sessions

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